Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Things To Be Involved In

So, I've been asked to teach a collage workshop at French General, in Los Angeles and I'm so excited!  Getting back to the ole FG, working with my sister, Kaari, it's always a good time.  We'll be looking at some techniques to layer, age and create a memory board that you'll walk out the door with.   Head to French General's website, click into Workshops and sign up while there's still some places left!
The plan is to teach more and more of these workshops, especially here in California (but I'm happy to travel to other states with an invite!) and even combine talents with other fabulous artists I know to branch out into painting and book making.  I'll post them as we plan them!

While we're on the topic of French General... the sign-ups for Chateau Dumas are now open! We'll be heading to France June 26th - July 3rd.  There are two different weeks to sign up for:  First week will be with our good friends, Marcia Ceppos of Tinsel Trading and Wendy Addison of Theatre of Dreams.  The second week is with American Quilt Retailer, for textile lovers of all kinds!  There's limited space available in both weeks, so if you know you wanna get your France on, head over to the sign up!


Jeanne Oliver said...

I wish I lived closer because this project is gorgeous!!!

kira said...

okay. so. if i don't get to see you when you're here i'm going to be VERY SAD. you hear me?? SAD. not e-sad, not emoticon-sad, but like real, forreals, forreallife disappointed. FRIENDSHIP, ON!