Monday, June 22, 2009

holy smokes, Kate MccGwire...

And there's more where that came from. What an insane amount of detail and time and precision. The pigeon feathers come from pigeon wranglers around the UK (hence the stamped markings on the wings). I can't even imagine encountering that curious, beautiful beast in that enormous museum cabinet. The piece is called "Vex".

And then she went and made this one,
called "Rile".

Saturday, June 20, 2009


i'm feeling all travely now.

getting my travel on...

mexico, like a second honeymoon with RK.

france, like the good ole days, with my sister, my mom, and 12 strangers that will probably end up as life long friends.

new york, like a third honeymoon with RK, and none of this tourist shit, we're house swapping with friends and living like we're living there.

it's for almost six weeks straight. i bought a small suitcase. forcing myself to pack light. beautiful, but light. new clothes, new bags, new shoes. and, away we go....

i'm leaving on a jet plane (today). not sure when i'll be back again.

all images square america

Thursday, June 18, 2009

grandma's bowl

{bon iver's skinny love -- to be opened & played in another tab, while reading}

i was standing doing the dishes tonight when this song came on. i don't know what it is about this song, but it makes me think of hanging out with my family or it makes me think of being young and hanging out with my family. there's something really youthful to it. and i've been thinking about youth, specifically the disappearance of it, a lot lately.

but as i'm standing there, doing the dishes, listening to this song, i realize i'm really a grown up now. i think of all the grown up things that take over my daily life. the grown up details, the good and the bad.
and i'm doing the dishes, doing grown up dishes. i'm washing a bowl. the type of bowl i'd always associated as a grown-up piece of dishware. it looks exactly like something my gramma carey had.

recently a really, really cool friend of mine and kaari's came back into our lives. i think it'd been about four years since we'd seen H. she'd been a good friend of my sister's for years. maybe even her first customer ever? and they'd hit it off and gotten together as friends since then. years later, when i met H for the first time, it felt like meeting family. when she met RK, she fell in love with the 'us' of us. so, her coming back into our lives this past year was like coming home again.

almost four years ago, she bought RK and i a wedding gift. this year, she sent it to us.
and this is the bowl of which i speak.
we'd had one like it when i was a kid. this grown-up bowl that reminded me of my gramma.
i remember it as one of the best bowls in our kitchenware repertoire. it was our popcorn bowl, mostly, but it had held other important food items over the years. here it was, my version of those days. it was in my hands, this gorgeous hand-made wood bowl.

and this song was playing and it,

it made me feel like the kind of grown-up i'd always wanted to be in my youth.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Introducing....the Neighborhood!

I felt like a roadie for a rock show. I was just there to lay down the action, stand back, and watch it come together.

Not one of these pictures does it justice.
Not even a lot of pictures do it justice.
The kids each dressed like a neighborhood worker.
We had a dentist,
an ambulance driver.
Soccer coach.
Construction worker.
Theatre Ticket Taker.
Recycling guy.
And a neighborhood that had electricity.
With the long light days and kids' bedtimes being around 8 or so, the lighting of the Neighborhood could have been anticlimactic. But, not with this group. They'd worked too hard and were too excited to notice that these little lights they'd hooked up to batteries and on-the-count-of-three turned on were but mere specks in the whole hood.
On the last day of school, each had to decide who would take the neighborhood section home, only one partner could take the whole thing. Some of them had us cut it right down the middle. Others, knowing how their parents react to home-made projects of this size, let them go easily, with the idea they might visit it at their friend's house. All in all, no tears, no tantrums, just a separation that was as easy as the coming together of it all.

Kinda like the beginning and the ending of the school year.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

perfection in plants

I'm leaving soon.
For the summer, really.

Well, for quite a few weeks, actually.

And, I think I'm going to really miss what our little plant friends decide to do while I'm gone.

Already one, given to us by an old neighbor, has decided, out of the blue, to create these perfect little tubes on the ends of her long branches.

I'm impressed. Well, more than impressed. I'm really blown away at what these creatures do when we're not paying attention. I nearly scared RK to death when I yelled out the other night, "OHMYGOSH! COME LOOK!"

Yeah, I was excited. We've had this little beauty for over a year and she's just slowly plotted along. This is her first blossom, if you will.

And just today I noticed there's something more....there are these little red bulbs coming out of the tubes...I can only imagine what they'll explode into!

Oh, please let it happen while I'm still here...

Monday, June 15, 2009

everything will be okay in the end

if it's not okay,

it's not the end.

i got this quote from a new friend
being a grown-up, a new friend is always a bonus. 
new friends can be hard to meet. 
new friends aren't just people you meet at a party, talk to for awhile and when you leave you say, 'nice to meet you' , knowing you prolly won't see them til the next gathering of this same group of people. 
new friends are the ones you meet, you get on like a house on fire and you actually make plans to see each other again. and then, you do it: you have lunch, you gab, you laugh so hard it hurts, and you talk about things you don't usually talk about with the general public.
and, sometimes, advice gotten from a new friend sits a whole new way in your brain.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

you will too

The Starfish, by candlelight, inherits the earth.

--adam gopnik
the new yorker

Saturday, June 13, 2009

remember the beautiful mind

We're still in this major overhaul of our apartment. It's been so strange to go through stuff, deciding to keep, toss, donate... at the same time, we're doing it in the digital recesses of our life, as well...and it keeps leading me back to all these photos from the last five years that are in deep storage here in the computer. I find my mind wandering to the same place...keep, toss, donate...

I came across one of my favorite photos-- apple photo booth, you brilliant little piece of technology -- probably about 4 years old.The thing that made it my favorite was the response I got from my friend. After I sent it to him, he wrote back,
'hey, good to hear from you. what's up with the "beautiful mind" area in the background?'

It was my studio.
I'm in a different place now.
I miss it, actually.

Photo No. 11, I guess I'll donate and keep. Settled.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Hey Cap'n!

In our class, we're big on treating people, animals and nature with respect. And, if you get caught mistreating someone or something, you can't cop out by saying, she (or he) made me do it! Doesn't work that way, we tell these little kids who are barely 7 years old. Nope, you gotta do what you know is best.

The phrase we use is this: You are the Captain of your own ship.

And they really took to it. Many a time I'd be walking past one of them and overhear them pleading with another child who'd done some sort of 'wrong',
but YOU are the captain of your OWN ship

With school closing up shop for the summer, I knew I wanted to make them a little reminder of this past year together...

I was so happy with the way they came out.. (thanks to D, who gave me that ship image ages ago, it's inspired many a project; to RK for being a tech wiz), it felt truly satisfying doing some old school iron ons.

At the end of the day, they all put them on over their clothes and we took a bunch of photos together. I've never squeezed so many kids goodbye, so many times, in one day.

Monday, June 8, 2009

majesty in simplicity

We have one more week of school left. Some days, the kids' excitement is so palpable it could be Christmas. Other days, you'd think it was any other day of the week with all the work we have yet to do. With the same insanity that work is exuding, so goes my personal life. Our social calender, our commitments, our schedules are off the hook and we don't seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

When I saw this photo, it made me wish, for just a moment, to be a kid again. A warm evening, I'd walk out to the driveway to climb to the top of our old VW van and just watch the world go by....not a care in sight. Soon mom would call me in for dinner, or dad would ring the big dinner bell posted out on the front porch. I'd come to the table, along with my four other siblings, and we'd melt into the comfort of the known. We'd probably all have ice cream and slowly filter into our rooms. I'd crawl under the covers and read a book til I fell asleep.


Saturday, June 6, 2009

we must be willing
to get rid of the life we've planned,
so as to have the life
that is waiting for us.
--joseph campbell

Go see UP

and bring tissues.