Tuesday, October 12, 2010

finding the bright bits

RK and I have a whole new outlook on ways to find a little bit of awesomeness in each day.  We're pinching pennies and are probably having some of the happiest times we've had.  No, not every day.  But a lot of 'em.  We're doing a lot more social things, though so many more of them these days are park bound, or gallery openings, even a community meeting or two.  It's no longer going to shnazzy dinners or drinks at the latest spot we'd been dying to try.  It's getting involved in what feels like a deeper layer of life. 

We know more people in our neighborhood than we have in all the years we've lived here.
We're finding time to do the things we might not otherwise have done.  We're spending a Saturday morning volunteering to clean up a dog park.

Photos of Stella.
Because if checking out her adorable-ness doesn't make you happy, probably nothing will.

 Gads, if someone is anything like I was before we got Stella...well, these photos won't do much of anything but make a little voice go off in your head, dog person! no thank you... but, if in fact you're an 'animal person' as they say, well, then you get it.  You relate to the insanity that it is to love an animal.  I've said it before, but truly, I had NO idea!


acute angle said...

you know I'm a crazy animal person in general... but let me say... THAT IS ONE GOOD LOOKIN' DOG! Cute cute cute.

I'm dog sitting right now and it's been... "interesting". Two Shih-Tzu's = A LOT of snoring. I haven't had a good night's sleep in three days. Oh well. Lucky for them they're cute... hard to want to hurt a cute thing no matter how tired you are in the middle of the night.

Rachel said...

i'm a total animal person so i get it!! stella is adorable, just want to hug her! glad you found eachother!

kira said...

also please bring stella with you. (SRSLY)

paige said...

It is a wonderful place to be... in love with animals. I have been there for my whole life. I am glad you have discovered it too.