Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Yesterday, one of my little first graders, who is struggling with reading and writing, was trying to put together the alphabet. I had given him little round discs, all different colors, with the ABC's on them and he was to put them in alphabetical order. Singing under his breath, he got his A, B, C, D, E...all the way up to K and then he stopped. I could see he was really confused. He kept looking around at all the discs. He'd pick up the L and then put it back. I heard him singing it over again from the beginning, a -b -c -d -e -f -g... over and over. Then, I finally heard it. It was the l-m-n-o part that had him scratching his head. I asked him to sing it outloud for me and when he got to that part, he looked at me and said, "i know what comes next, but i don't see that elemento part here"

Ahhh, yes, the elemento part, but of course. Sometimes I feel like I should just know these things.

Monday, March 23, 2009

oh, wit

Yesterday morning

I witnessed a group of criminals
caught by the city
and forced to clean the streets
using rollers
to paint the trunks of trees that had
been covered in graffiti.

For all the trouble
they had ever caused us
this was their restitution-
Painting the trees.

Painting the trees?

--the excellent Dallas Clayton

Saturday, March 21, 2009

yes, yes, yes

I wonder if there's any way we could vote to change the 22nd Amendment. I really think this guy should stay in office forever.

and a happy naw ruz to all....

Monday, March 16, 2009

what would you do if you knew you could do anything?

Within this terrible economy, there are some of us who still like to dream... thinking about what we might do, if we could do, something other than what we do.

One of the great lines he says: My career makes no sense at all in the windshield, it only makes sense in the rearview mirror.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Saturday, March 14, 2009

you & me, like bacon & eggs

Bishop sent an announcement out for Valentine's Day about her new "me & you" pieces... but, i'm always so behind...
besides, RK and i decided we'd rather celebrate on the other 364 days when we're least expecting it.
So, these are for those:

Thursday, March 12, 2009

i've got a golden ticket, i've got a golden ticket...

Well, not exactly a golden ticket...but i got a blue ribbon!

ArtSpan's awards jury (Diane Dunn, Marin Arts Council / Elizabeth Nicholaou, The Shooting Gallery / Jen Rogers, Varnish Fine Art Gallery) has bestowed your donated artwork with an award! Your name will be listed in the program and your artwork will be designated with a fancy ribbon!
Congrats! Please let you collectors and supporters know about this recognition and encourage them to attend the event! Tickets are still available at ART SPAN.
See you on Saturday!
The piece is called "Honestly" and it's a little typed up missive about moving forward and doing what's best for yourself, or whatever interpretation one would give it ("i keep moving along because i don't know what else to do." is how it begins)...and in the background are vintage hotel keys, all framed in old wood molding. I actually really like how the back of the piece came out.

Over the years, I've donated art work to A LOT of causes around NYC and SF and Art Span has consistently proven to be the most all-around rewarding. The night of the auction is well-attended, people really come to bid and buy and support A.S's causes, the food is great, the drinks are powerful and the excitement of artists and buyers alike keeps a great vibe going thru the whole evening.
And now, a fancy ribbon to neatly tie it up !

Monday, March 9, 2009


i have a hard time doing habitual things that are "good for you".
when i was young, it was straight up: brushing my teeth. I loathed it.
now it's things like exercise, flossing, eating veggies instead of doritos, drinking lots of water, getting to bed early.
so, i was surprised when i recently saw my dentist and he told me he wanted to give me a crown!
i envisioned wearing it: THIS thing, i would be habitual about! this, i would wear every day and strut around proudly and maybe it would even inspire me to do the other "good for you" habits i should be doing.
yes, i told him, this was the right thing to honor me with, this would be good for me.
then, i realized, he meant the other kind of crown.

that's okay though: i'm going for solid gold, like dr. teeth and my friends and family can call me "Queen".

oh, yeah, this is gonna work out juuuuust fine.

Monday, March 2, 2009

curious minds want to know

Two little first graders, T and Z, were swinging on the swings, giggling away....

T and Z: missmolly,missmolly,missmolly,missmolly!

Me: yes?

T: are you gay?

Me: what makes you ask?

T: we were just wondering.

Me: yeah, i get that. but, why? i mean, what was the topic of conversation before the question?

T: nothing, nothing. we were just wondering...

Me: i know, but how'd you get onto that topic?

T: well, we were teasing M. (a preschooler) that she's gay, so we just wanted to know if you were!

Me: why would you tease M. about being gay?

T: 'cuz she was acting gay!

Me: um, T., do you know what "gay" means?

T: yeah.... "married"!

Oh, well, in that case, I guess I am gay.

Sunday, March 1, 2009


i started collecting M's quite awhile ago and rarely pass up the opportunity to grab one if i see it.
then, rk came into the picture and i couldn't resist collecting R's.
the entire collection has sat in a little box for the last three years, but with our (supposed) new commitment to this apartment, i thought it was time to bring them all out and commit already! the first display, on a mantle above an old fireplace, in what will be "the office".

i also collect S's for my niece because i have an addiction.