Tuesday, October 19, 2010



Fall Open Studios was another great experience.
Much quieter than usual; Much calmer; But with a sweet quality that allowed me to take each minute in, instead of racing through three days of talking, looking, sharing.
One of the sweetest moments for me this time round was a visit from Danica.

D. came to my very first Open Studios four years ago and, from there, became one of my dearest friends.  One of the things she does very, very well, and always has, is shoot from a different point of view.  She finds strange little things of the utmost interest.  She finds beauty in tiny worlds.


With that in mind, she shot my studio and saw things that I hadn't.  Just like her energy brought something that wasn't there before.

A big shout out to all friends and fans who stopped by that weekend -- it would be nothing without you all.  Thank you.

To see all Danica's great shots, head here.


Rachel said...

Looks like you are at the beginning of your world tour! I see you are headed to teach in LA...I left a little note on the Warp and Weft to show my excitement :) If I could find a way to be there I would. Have a fabulous time!

comfies said...

aw, molly. kind words, thank you. your studio is magical. it's like xmas in there.

paige said...

Oh so wonderful. I am so sad that I missed the open studios... but I am hoping you'll have another one in the next couple of months.

Christmas presents need to be purchased... and there is nothing I like more than giving Molly Meng originals.

I am still sending your cards I bought last year. I just gave Heidi the flower-head man on the horse card, and she loved it... and she loved me more because of you.