Monday, October 18, 2010

To Hoard or Not To Hoard, that is the question

Though I've only seen snippets of the show, I completely understand the fascination with hoarders in general.  When I heard about it, I actually got nervous that the people that watch that show, with looks of horror on their face,  would then call me out when they walked in my house or studio.

But, as I was moving things around in my redesigning-of-your-home-keeps-it-interesting mode, which often collides with my I've-just-got-to-find-someplace-to-make-this-fit mode, I realized, I don't think I could be called a hoarder.  I'm too good of a purger. 
That, that purging, is a key element that a true hoarder doesn't possess, unfortunately. 

RK says my purger-mode is truly without sentiment.  While my redesigning-your-home-keeps-it-interesting thing is totally based on sentiment.  It's like a secretary that files things in the file cabinet by emotion instead of topic or fact.  Or, just tosses away the file completely.  Often surprised by the things I suddenly let go, he seems to have figured out the moving-stuff-around part of me pretty quickly. 

It is the redesigning of the physical world around me that actually allows me to let go of the personal behind the item that once was unbearable to live without.  So, I purge (funny word for it) and move forward:  papers not piling up, well, not too high, in the office;  old books stacked to the rafters can now find life in someone else's hands;  fabric you haven't used in years should really be sewn into something by someone else. 

I look forward to letting things go, with as much glee as I do acquiring it, lo those many years ago.

(gads! i just watched a clip of the show-- i am SO not a hoarder!   ...not that there's anything wrong with that)


Thoughts for the day said...

I am a collectible sentimental messy.
Not a hoarder but sure have collected things throughout 37 years of marriage~ the key now is to go through things so our 'grown' children don't have to some day. It is good for me to say 'let it go'.

Christina said...

You are a collector and so NOT a hoarder!

Anonymous said... you think you could teach me how to purge????? Mom

Rose Brier Studio said...

last christmas both my 20-something kids asked me quietly if i had seen the show hoarders. were they sending me a message? i've since seen the show. i am not a hoarder, but it's a cautionary tale for a collector like me. having an antique shop to sell in is my way of purging.

Anonymous said...

I saw that show and immediately called my sister and said with glee, "hey M. I just saw that Hoarder show and we're not that bad"!