Monday, October 4, 2010

And then, just like that, I'm back.

Instantly inspiring juicy random things collected and now living at the studio. I actually feel lucky to own these small works of wonder.

(typed on the back of this amazing photo)

John Edgar Hoover actually wrote the forward to this book

 handwritten on the back of this small photo booth shot:  Constable of Long Beach     Brotlager

years ago, i bought a huge box of letters, flyers, and photos from a neighborhood estate sale and only recently went through the entire box.  many, many letters from Germany to relatives in SF.  it's interesting to look up these homes/addresses today.  it seems crazy to me that we're able to do this.

i have quite a few photos of this woman.  she does actually look happier in some of the others. and i wonder if she was the one who colored in her flower, dress and lips, or if her mother tried to fancy her up a bit and felt she needed some color?

one of my fave Little Blue Books.  i used to think these were highly unusual and very rare but they kept showing up in the bottom of book boxes, or tucked into file folders at flea markets and even used book stores.  though filled with impressions and prejudices from the time, clement really hits the neighborhoods on the head.  and they ain't much changed today!


Sylvie said...

All great! I lived near Clement Street growing up in San Francisco.

The hand-tinted photo: my guess is that a photo studio person did the handiwork. I don't imagine that many folks in those days had their own tinting kits. It's not difficult to do this well. I was into it myself in high school. My other guess is that the "tinter" had bad eyesight!

Unknown said...

something compelling about found emphemera; & to think that eventually that is all a lifetime amounts too...

be your original best said...

molly!! thanks for stopping by my blog! what a nice suprise! i met Kari last year at Silver Bella... I made a great bracelet.. i wish I was closer to CA to attend your shows - i'm on the mailing list! been on any good trips lately?

Gene said...

These kind of new materials sound great for an art project, like a collage.