Thursday, September 13, 2012

Introducing, Once Again, OPEN STUDIOS

current work hanging on the walls at open studios

It's that time, once again:  OPEN STUDIOS!  It's always a great time to come out and meet all new artists, see all new artwork, and to mix and mingle with your fellow art lover patrons.  A super fun weekend for us artists, to actually open the doors to our little worlds of wonder.  I have a fairly small studio, which works just fine for me, considering I only create in about a 2x2 space when I actually get down to it.  Otherwise, my whole studio is a study in collection and creativity that I revel in on a weekly basis.  As I've mentioned before, I surround myself with old worlds, old lives, old books, photos and the strange finds from all over, and then I get down to business!

OPEN STUDIOS is that awesome time that I get to come out of my head and meet other minds that see eye to eye on things in this strange and wonderful world.

I'd love to see you...
The Art Explosion
744 Alabama Street
San Francisco