Friday, February 29, 2008

Participation, thats whats gonna save the human race

There's this kid in one of my drama classes who all the adults treat as a second class citizen. There's obviously something different about him, for sure. I know he's got a diagnoses of some kind (it seems every kid today needs to be diagnosed with something). Not all his synapses are firing at the same time as everyone else. But, it occurred to me recently, that maybe he's a genius underneath all that mismatched thought. Maybe he's the guy that's gonna cure cancer someday.
He talks out of turn, but no more than any of the other kids. It's what he says that can seem a little crazy. It appears like he's not paying attention, but then he shouts out an idea (part of our job as teaching artists, is that we're constantly asking for ideas from the kids) that on second thought (give it a moment....i think to'll hit on the mark...he's got something there..) is BRILLIANT. He just wants to be heard. Instead, he's constantly being met with "Stop!" "Be Quiet!" "Go sit out!" from his teacher and the helper aides that sit in the class. And so often, there he is, sitting in the corner, while class is going on, making his intelligent little insights under his breath. I hear him. It makes me want to shout out: LISTEN TO THIS KID!
Yesterday, he was raising his hand, from way over in the corner, where no one could see him...and eventually, he lowered his hand and sighed very loudly and said, "I give up."
It broke my heart. I wish I could save every one of these kids.

*today's title, a direct quote from Pete Seeger, on one of the most moving documentaries i've seen. It's about Seeger, but it's really about the power of music. he's amazing. I recommend checking out more footage.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Yellow Friday

I'm feeling better today (thank goodness! i just don't have the patience to be a patient!), and with an sunny health-outlook, comes a sunny day and lots of yellow all around. I'm not one to usually promote the color yellow, but realized it's all around me lately. I recently purchased not one, but TWO, yellow blouses (a color I've never in my life worn). Also, for xmas, I received a yellow-train version of myself from my brother John (we all cracked up at the description of Molly, the train, because it fits me to a T!) that now hangs in my studio.
Then, while down in San Carlos for my teaching gig,
I had to capture those incredible fuzzy yellow trees that come out this time of year.

All of that, reminded me of one of my favorite songs by Coldplay, an oldie but a goodie, "Yellow".

And, tonight's infamous Monster Drawing Rally--which, if you look closely, you will see as it's reigning color of choice in: postcard, artist list and theme color is Yellow! If you're in SF, this is a don't miss kinda night. Check out the link for details...

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Sick Sucks...

...but I'm sure health is on it's way, right?!
I've been flat out sick since Saturday and instead of feeling better, I keep feeling worse. I'm hoping tomorrow will be the end of it. I know it's going around and lots of peeps have been brought down by it, so I listen carefully to everyone else's tales of 'sick to well' and hope for the best.
Tonight, as I'm getting ready to go to bed early (again!) while knowing I'm missing a good night out with RK and Co. (again!) ...well, I looked to this little peep to cheer me up. My sister brought him with her when she came to visit for the show last week. Thanks, Kaari. Lucky, lucky me!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

ain't nothing wrong with hope

I was sure I'd vote for Hillary Clinton. I would love to see a woman in office in my lifetime.
But my vote was truly swayed by two things I heard on NPR the other day:

1. Hillary voted for the war from the beginning. Obama was against it from the very first moment. And so was I.
2. It doesn't bode well for our standard, or our claim, of "democracy" to have the same two families in the White House for over 20 years.

And, while I don't think voting should be about emotion and who you just "like" better, but about great ideas and real solutions to the world's problems...this gorgeous song by, with an equally pretty video, which I found on Emily's blog, did move me emotionally to want to hear/read that much more about Obama's ideas and solutions to our modern day problems.

It also just filled me with plain old hope that this man can change the world.

But, of course, we shall see....

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Time Flies

Every year, from one to one hundred.
Thank You to my friend, Esther, who sent this video to me

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Sometimes I really miss NYC

Danica is in NYC right now and posting most every day about all the wonderful things she's experiencing and seeing and loving. I'm fairly green with envy.
The first couple of years here in SF, I didn't really think about missing new york. In fact, I was so taken with the beauty of northern california and the proximity to trees, nature, real parks with grass (you might see a "park" listed on a map in nyc, and then get there and realize it's actually a small square of cement with a tree planted in the middle. we consider those "parks" there) that I didn't think I missed it. But, the fact is, when the little things like usable public transportation or a real winter with big ole snowflakes come to mind...well, for me, its NYC every time. And then, the other day I was on this website and it made me wish I was there all over again.

Unassailable Logic: A NYC Short Story

Conductor: Ladies and gentlemen, our train cannot proceed because of the passenger on the tracks.
Young dude on the train: If he is on the tracks, he is not a passenger. Let's go!

--Overheard by: Julia on the N train

Monday, February 11, 2008

"Do Fancy Things For The World"--Celia Fitzgerald

There's a million things swirling thru my head today. But the strongest thought is of Celia Rose T. Fitzgerald. We called her Cece. A beautiful little girl we knew in New York City. Cece was my niece's best friend from pre-school and we all spent numerous hours together playing dress up, making up songs, drawing pictures or eating ice cream and french fries. She had an amazing laugh, with a fabulous smile, and always a word of kindness for others. When they were about five years old, my niece was upset about a little outfit she was wearing (she wanted to wear something else, it didn't happen...tears ensued) and Cece, who I was walking with down the street with, put her hand on my niece's arm and said something like, "don't cry, sofia, i think you look beautiful." I'm sure I shed my own tear right then. It's just the way Cece was.

Celia died in a skiing accident on February 10th, three years ago. It was devastating to her family and ours. One of the last times I saw Cece was when she was playing Ms. Hannigan in a local production of Annie. All these fantastic little kids, running around, singing their hearts out, and there was Cece, in the middle of it, singing...."so busy, so crazy"! I took a bunch of photos that day and treasure them so much.
Soon after Cece left this earth, her very loving parents created a wonderful service to society and to Cece's memory, by starting a scholarship foundation. It supports children and young adults who are "gifted in the arts and have financial need". I feel very honored to know the first recipient and to have since seen theatre arts shows put on in Cece's name, groups that are specifically spreading the word, the love, of Celia Rose T. Fitzgerald. And, today, I hope to do the same.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Here it comes....

i smell like glue.
my fingernails are caked in dirt, wax, and chipped paint.
i have splinters.
my jeans are falling apart at the seams from all the gunk i've wiped on them.
and damnit, i've never felt better.

if you're in san francisco this thursday, february 7th, i do hope i'll see you at the show. i'll introduce you to my mom and dad. we'll raise a glass of pink champagne and stuff a cupcake in our mouth.
i'm so very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very excited.

if you can't make it to opening night, please feel free to stop by Candystore anytime. the show will be up and rocking thru March 11th.
and, final note, if you see something at the show that you really want, but it somehow got sold out from under your me, i'd be happy to make you your own piece (especially for valentine's day!)