Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Fox, The Faun & Stella

Stella doesn't exactly love a bath, but she puts up with it.  At least until she thinks we're looking the other way.  She's a ninja.  She's slipped out from under RK's arms, while I was off getting a towel.  But with both of us there, helping get her little body all clean again (so truly necessary after she takes a good roll in something out there), she sometimes even seems to ease into it.  But only for a quick second.  I think I caught that moment this bathtime.  Photo number 4 shows her little tongue sticking out:  She was licking the water off the edge of the tub in this really serene, slow, calm way.  It was like her binky.

Of course, I have no idea how Stella really feels.  About any of it.
Projection seems to be a large part of this relationship.


I found this little image in an 1940's LIFE magazine that a friend gave me years ago.  Since everything is a possible 1"- button these days, I was flipping through the pages and was taken aback at how much this looked like Stella.  She's been seen in both these poses on a pretty daily basis.  Plus, her ears do the same thing.  And I've never understood how  it can be comfortable for her little legs to be bent underneath her like that?


Maggie May said...

aw she's SO cute!

Anonymous said...

...we put a little tbsp of peanut butter on each side of the bath.

works like a charm.

Bonbon Oiseau said...

STELLA!!!!! little fawny mcfawnerton!!!