Saturday, October 2, 2010

Bucky, Old Pal

This was a salesman sample.
Of a Geodesic Dome.
A sample.
Of a home you could purchase.

It was commissioned by Buckminster Fuller.
Who, when I first read his name, thought I knew who he was, and decided all I wanted in my future life was this model and I'm sure I knew everything there was to know about Mr. Fuller and I'd go on my merry way.
So, I casually saved the pic from whence it came.  And I started to look up Buckminster Fuller.  Crazy good stuff.
Almost better than the model Geodesic Dome itself.

Born in 1895, popularized a phrase like ephemeralization, and after some serious-ass hardships in life, and feeling like a general looser, he finally chose to embark on an experiment, to find what a single individual [could] contribute to changing the world and benefiting all humanity.  The further I read on, the more it felt like I could be related to the current day Buckminster.  He sounded a bit like my brother, J.  He taught at Black Mountain College, a place already well loved by those who love the slightly obscureBuckminster was an early environmental activist. He was very aware of the finite resources the planet has to offer, and and this is when he came up with the rad term "ephemeralization":  or, as we call my brother, "ultra-lite":  or, in simple layman terms, it's doing more with less. He also had quite a few patents on the books.  And my brother just put in for his first patent! He's come up with some brill designs for outdoor gear that have been realized and now coveted by a big ole company and the big wigs are sorting it out as we speak.
We're all pretty damn tickled about it, too.
Finally, it feels like,  a true inventor is being discovered again.

Funny, this started out as a thought on a geodesic dome, a home, of which there is one nearby and i see often, but... and, well,  it seems to have turned out to be a bit of story about my brother. I think it went like this:  geodesic = home = family.  I'm a sucker that way.


ABC said...

This is awesome!!!

Christine--RHP said...

awesome about your bro. And Bucky is a star in my book.