Monday, March 22, 2010

sunday go to meetin time

I rarely let myself make something unless I'm pretty damn sure I'm gonna love it.  Or, at least, some aspect of it.  Though, I know I fall in love with a lot of my first drafts that don't always translate as lovingly to everyone else.  But, lately, I've sorta felt like it's time to let it all go and make whatever comes to my brain.  There's gotta be some redeeming value in the 'practice' of art.

Strange, wacky and, at the same time, totally innocuous... these won't go anywhere but right here (or to my neice for moving on up to 8th grade) yet, it sorta feels like I'm on to's just around the corner.


Marion Williams-Bennett said...

Oh yeah, you're onto something, something really good.

Let it all go.

Can't wait to see what's next.

lotta said...

Go for it Molly. Sometimes it is good not to plan your creative journey too carefully. The timing of these cards seems perfect too. XO.