Friday, March 12, 2010

i don't search, i fumble

I really never learned the whole key-word-search-concept on the internets!  I'm a terrible finder when I want something, which is frustrating, but often, I end up fumbling into something much, much better than what I went looking for...

Case in point:  Brooke ShadenEvery image more intense than the next.  Every title a perfect question.

Immortal Bird

Spin Cycle

The Inconvenience of Spirits


Often, with a magician of sorts, I don't like them going on and on about how the tricks are done,  Keep it magic already! ...but Brooke actually writes a very interesting, modest blog that tells you what goes behind each shoot:  not only the technical process but her thought process, as well.

A story in Older Terms
And I only went on flickr looking for images of 'long hair'...there you go:  from a shallow moment of wishing I had long, lusterous hair,  I came upon these photos and got all caught up the inspiration of doing what you long to do.


Maggie May said...

oh my goodness such amazing photos, such amazing intensity of emotion

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