Wednesday, March 17, 2010

cheesy, but true

No, I did not travel to the moon.  These are not some strange mushrooms I found.  They are not little animals.  This is the cheese display in my local, organic market.  I was shopping for some goodies one night on the way home from work and noticed this new little box of special cheeses on display.  I immediately went over to John, the manager, and asked if I could take some upclose shots of the fabulous, curious, little rounds.  I guess my excitement peaked the interest of a few others that heard me and they decided to come see for themselves (i'm sure they were thinking:  'who the hell gets this excited about mold on cheese? friggin weird!') ...and the next thing I knew, I had four employees peering into the cheese case, two of them holding it open for me while I turned on the micro lens and shot away.  They're best viewed in all their glory (clicking on the photo to enlarge it) and even then I didn't do them justice.

There's such a beauty in mold.  I don't appreciate it much in the shower, or behind the kitchen sink,  but in cheese, I find it to be spectacular.


Ivanhoe Books - Art And Design said...

I love cheese. I LOVE CHEESE. I love cheese. Did I mention I love cheese? The weirder the better. Brazilliant post.

ABC said...

I've been thinking about cheese the last few days...where do I find good cheese? I did not mention this to anyone, and then today, out-of-the-blue, a friend suggested we open a cheese shop...Now on the same day I see this post. I love how life works that way...and that cheese is in the center of it all.