Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Today is Jon's apartment.  He tells me he's changed it quite a bit since I last shot it, so it's probably time for another shoot.  Jon is a junk collector of the finest kind and always has his garage stuffed with furniture and objects I covet.  His indoors is no different.
When he gets in the mood for a garage sale or a give-away, 
I always wish I owned a big ole pickup truck!
Head on over to First Girl and check out his whole place!


Lorac said...

I have a whole couch at the cottage just like that orange Naugahyde chair!

hobo soup said...

first of all, that's leather! then the cat clawed it all to heaven and it's gone. Molly, the place is totally different. come on over soon and do a before and after.

Ellen Zachos said...

It's a hoya! It's a hoya! It's a hoya! Under the guitars. My tattoo plant.