Tuesday, April 24, 2007

We make beautiful music together

Do you ever put on your headphones? Turn on your walkman? and have an instant soundtrack to your life playing into your head? Gads, I love that. It happens to me fairly often (im lucky? i own good music? i'm easy like sunday morning?) and it happened to me yesterday. It's like each and every song is being played just for you. And if fits. The beat, the words, the everything about it. Music is powerful just as it's own entity, really. So, to have it fit the exact moment you decide to walk out the door and turn the corner and throw out the trash and then head up the street....well, that's some power to the n-th degree. The feeling is really strongest when I've gotten myself all organized, backpack on, shoes laced up, and I'm heading off for a long walk of errands. I hate to compare it to tv, but, if this has never happened to you, refer to those VW commercials from a couple years back & they explored the idea pretty well--when they turn on the music and everything outside the car is in time with the beat. That happened to me just yesterday. I was just going on a little walk (i didn't get outside yesterday until 5pm--ooch!) and i put on this new remixedNina Simone album which, if you haven't heard it yet, you need to get it TODAY, and I started on my cruise. It was just unbelievable! It worked with every step I took, and every step everyone else took. The birds that flew in front of me were working it to the tunes, the dogs wagging their tails and their tongues were definitely hearing the same thing I was. It made me feel like I was in Waking Life (which is another story, all together, but lately, i always feel like i'm in waking life). I couldn't stop smiling all big (i'm sure in instances like that i just look kookoo, but i don't care). Every interaction I have is a good one. The grass looks greener, the sky looks bluer, it's a beautiful thing. Sometimes I wish I could be shooting the whole thing and then put it to the music and have my own little personal moment movies. But, I guess, having it all up in my memory is pretty sweet too.

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