Monday, April 2, 2007

Under The Table

My first truly commissioned piece was made this month and shipped last week to a client in Boston. It was made for a couple who had moved from San Francisco to Newton, Mass and they wanted something that was about their inside world of SF. But, they didn't want it SO "insider" that someone else would wonder what they heck it was all about. I asked for momentos from their time here : old love letters, creased movie tickets, anything that I might be able to translate into a personalized piece. But, instead, what I got was a list of places they loved while they were here. Everything from Hwy 80 to Delfina. A list. A straight up list of things. The one saving grace is that they are both big foodies, and more than half the list were restaurants. I decided to do a love story through the gastronomical tracts of San Francisco. Three days before I shipped it out, I didn't love it, I was really nervous... and then, the day I sent it to them, I fell in love with it.
Luckily, they did too.
They've since asked me to make another one, this time for some friends of theirs who I've never met. I get excited about the possibilities that holds for me. It's a challenge. Maybe this personalized, commissioned art could become a thing for me.

*sorry you can't see the details of the piece, since it's in the details that the juiciness lays....

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Christina said...

molly-- this came out beautiful. and you CAN see the details if you click on the image, it's a little blurry but I could read most of it. I hope no one leaves my house with my cat next party I have. Really juicey Moll- and YES you can make a thing of this, your darn good at it my friend.