Monday, April 16, 2007

To Spring

Spring is really here. Well, not for my friends in NYC (sorry to hear about that), but for us, here in the land of ohmygoshcanyoubelievethisweather, spring is bursting out like crazy. I walk around, wishing I had my camera, so I could take a pic of every cherry blossom blossoming and every little birdie singing and the flowers popping out... I'm constantly saying, 'wow, look at that! look at that!' It's like I've never seen spring before. But, for some reason, this year's spring is exceptionally beautiful. It's also keeping me in that melancholy mind-set, as well. Where have I been? What am I doing? Is this all going where it's supposed to go??? (I'm not sure if that's all good or bad)

My birthday was excellent (christina just posted about our friday, it's a really nice tribute to the day!)--a full on weekend of pampering and hanging and RK really outdid himself on my surprises. (the flowers above were from him a couple days before my birthday and they've lasted!) It was a fabulous birthweekend. This little jackrabbit was in Bodega Bay where we headed for the weekend. Spring, it's everywhere...
(can you even see him among the other little bushes? funny...)

And then, the Constructions show on Thursday night was a good time. We had a great turn out and met a lot of new people. It took a few times for me to show people how to work the Phobophobia project, but once word got round that there was a piece of interactive art, people were trying it out more. I got some great feedback from friends and strangers alike. And, other than the gallery owner pronouncing my name with a T, an S, and a Z (none of which are in my first OR last name) I got through it all without a hitch. We went out afterwards and celebrated and that was the best. Now I've got Open Studios coming up the weekend of May 11th and then May 18th, take off for the National Stationary Show in NYC with my sister. Lots to do and, in my classic style, so little time to do it in.

Because of spring break, I've just had a week away from my Oakland 5th graders (the ones I teach the drama/literacy program to) and though I know my time with them is short (one hour a week)and we have this whole project to complete in this little amount of time...I just want to take like five minutes with them this Thursday to say, "you know what, you guys? I just want you to take a little risk here. You don't have to do it in front of the whole class. You don't have to worry I'm gonna call on you and embarrass you. I want you to be able to say, "man, I had this great time in drama once 'cuz i completely let myself go." You've got your whole life to be cautious! Nows the time, today, this very day, to take the risk. Give it all you've got for this moment. I feel like this is my time to talk to my fifth grade self. Not from a place of, "When I was your age blah blah blah..." but to give 'em an opportunity to go a little bit crazy and see what it feels like. I see all the kids I went to school with too, I see the Debbie's and the Mary's and the Denise's and, of course, I see me. And I want to say to me, to the others: Guess what? Nows your chance to do it. Yes, you will probably get other chances in your lifetime, but start now and your chances will become greater. No judgements, no looking around at what others are doing. Just break out of your mold. Trust me on this one.
I had a tiny 'take a risk' moment in the classes last week, but I feel like trying to have them hear it one more time. I would love it if this class is something that affects their life so positively (subconsciously is good too)--it's not me I need them to remember--it's what they learned about themselves. I hope they hear what I'm trying to put out there: You are great, now act like it, feel it, and let others feel it too. Treat everyone around you with respect and hopefully you get it in return. The classic, "do unto others" really holds true throughout life.

I'm really excited to see them again, even if I don't get to articulate that exactly...

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