Thursday, April 5, 2007

Lovin the ride

On this, the day before my birthday, I find myself in a contemplative mood about everything. I was putting some blankets and pillows away last night and came across my old grover and i just flashed to being a kid again. The smallest thing to cross my path lets me reflect on life in the past and life to come.

I love life, man. Really, really love it. And it just gets better as you get older.

{now, i know some of you who have talked to me lately are thinking, 'wait, weren't you just crying over what to do with your life next? weren't you the one who was totally stressed out about all that's going on?'--and to that, I say, 'yup, that was me!' But isn't it great that I DO have so much going on? That I have a choice about what to do next with my life? Once you get me away from the epicenter of the stress, I can clearly see the silver lining to it all.}

You think old people just say this to you as a kid but life really does get better as you get older. No, your body might not feel as good, and you can't eat whatever you want (although i still do!), and the tire around the middle stays longer than it used to, and you do actually find yourself shocked at what "the kids" are into these days, and yes, you listen to a lot more talk radio. But, bring it on, I say, I'll take it. I'll take being the teacher in the fifth grade any day over actually being back in the fifth grade.
I'm very, very lucky where I'm at in all these years-- I'm always surprised at what life brings me and luckily, it's usually a happy surprise.

I have a fantastic, fabulous husband.
I'm crazy about my family!
I have the greatest friends a girl could need, want, or ask for.
I work jobs that I just love and,
I get to be an "artist" part time and a greeting card maker part time, too!

I have no idea where it'll all lead, but I'm really digging on the ride.

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