Monday, January 31, 2011

A Weekend Kind Of Stella

because she's that kind of beautiful, my dog.
because she's relaxed in her skin when the sun is warm and shining on her.
because she looks like she thinks about things, deeply.
because she has hair that goes all kinds of ways to wednesday, and i love that.
because she never stops looking out for us.
because i can't remember what life felt like before her.


Anonymous said...

....and because she loves our Sammy so much...! Mom

comfies said...

and because she also happens to be one VERY LUCKY dog, to have you and ryan looking out for her for the rest of her days.....xoxoxox.

rae dunn. said...

look at the SMILE on her precious face ! i think i LOVE her !

Fern and Feather said...

oh little Stella Marie... she is such a humanimal. I love her expression... WONDERFUL, AWESOME, LOVELY seeing you!!! and I am pretty in love with my box too.


Marion Williams-Bennett said...

oh, Stella.
So much love.