Tuesday, January 11, 2011


How many cares one loses 
when one decides not to be something
but to be someone.
- C. C.

I am learning to acquire this state of mind. 
Recognize that you are someone to others.
And then, to become someone not just for others but to become someone for yourself.


Rose Brier Studio said...

having just spent 5 days with my grown girl in the new town she calls home, it's clear i am someone to her. it's clear i'm also someone to me.
just brilliant!

Marion Williams-Bennett said...

Oh, yeah.

Someone for yourself. I really like the sound of that.

nadine paduart said...

whoops, that's pretty deep, but lovely so.
molly, thank you for your kind words. i arrived on your blog via petites-séries (i believe), and love what you do.
cheerio, n

Anonymous said...

Amen & Yes to your thought! I have run on the edge of C.C.'s quote many times, 'to be something' or who you thought I am... and have learned..
If one can't be yourself, truly, how can one be for another?
Thanks Mol, for a post that reminded me of self. OXOX, Hol