Friday, January 14, 2011

The Cloud Appreciation Society

In 2009, the World Meteorological Organization added a new cloud to its gallery.  They hadn't done this since 1951.  But this was a doozy too good to pass up:  The undulus asperatus.

For pure beauty, it's right up there with the Bristle Cone Pine, Methuselah.  And to say nothing of a new discovery:   This tree is the oldest living organism around.

A little natural beauty, in the face of our insane human reality, never hurt anyone. 

Thanks to moments of grace.


nadine paduart said...

that cloud is not for real, for sure? a sucker for clouds myself, i find this one, oh, hm, overpowering!

Marion Williams-Bennett said...

new favorite cloud: undulus asperatus.

Seems like the official cloud of heaven.

billy girl said...

Nature . . . best artist yet!

Billy Goodnick said...

My first love in horticulture was bonsai. I took lessons from John Naka, renowned teacher and practitioner. He introduced me (though only through books) to the bristlecone pines and frequently when to the White Mountains for inspiration. Thank you for the reminder. I have a book, Timberline Ancients (1972), photographed by David Muench with text by Darwin Lambert. I just pulled it off a dusty shelf.

BTW: The clouds aren't too shabby either.

Debra Lee Baldwin said...

So lovely! We just don't have clouds like that here in Southern CA. I especially like the clouds that resemble whipped cream.

Domino Bianchi said...

Reminded me of this story:
fast forward to begin listening at 14:20.