Monday, January 24, 2011


Taking a moment to breath, but only a moment, for that's all I have between happenings.

I didn't even get to advertise my next class at French General before it sold out, but I'm thrilled to be heading to LA in a couple days!  My sister has organized a three-day extravaganza:  The Art of Craft where five fabulous craft classes are taught by incredible artists and then culminate in a Sunday night party.

I'm teaching a class on how to turn an old book into a curiosity box

So, among other deeds these days, I've been scouring thrift stores, estate sales and flea markets for juicy old books whose covers will be just right for someones' future stash box.

T and I took a stab at make some run-throughs the other night in my studio and I love what she did with hers:

Just more impetus to start teaching fun classes here in SF!


Christina said...

Yes please! Teach classes here in SF. Also you made my box look pretty in these photos. Surely more skilled crafters will master this box making thing in no time.

Marion Williams-Bennett said...

if you go by these boxes, the class will be incredible!

Molly + curiosity = amazing.