Friday, August 20, 2010

W.I.P. indeed!

Work-in-progress...each day I walk in the studio and stay as long into the night as possible.
I'm so happy I could burst.

Scenes from the studio daily.
I am loving every minute of it.

Things are drying, pressing...

There's a little piece of old fabric folded over and over behind this gold frame.  It makes the paper puff out like a pin cushion.

And getting things done.

When I'm finished there will be 16 pieces that show the four phases of four different people's lives.  Most of the pieces are interactive:  you can pick up the front of these pieces above and look at all the detritus from one person's first phase of life.

And in one of the others, you can open a little box and find someone's collection.

It's always hard to talk about this stuff.  I just want people to look at it and get inside of it and figure out things for themselves.  I want them to feel like they've just come across something, a discovery, a piece of someone's life they've just found.

And as I'm making each piece, it feels like someone else's life.  I can imagine the person that saved this scrap from an autograph book, or a piece of a map from a favorite trip they once took.  Every once in awhile, I try to sneak a little bit of something from my life.  Maybe it's something from my grandfather or a photograph of a distant relative.  And, more times than not, I slip a little tribute in to my love-of-life RK

It's coming along and I can't wait til the big show!
It opens a week from tomorrow, August. 27th at Arc Gallery, San Francisco.
Maybe you're looking for some more culture in your life...?


Jeanne Oliver said...

These are outstanding!!! I love how you have used so many vintage pieces that could have gone unnoticed. I wish I could come to the show. Please post tons of photos.

McGillicutty said...

Wow.... totally inspiring.. i know you have to be really really excited, can't wait to see the pics of the show. I'm in awe of your creativity.

Gail said...

I found your blog through Jeanne's and am "tickled pink" that I have! You are now listed on my blog sidebar as a favorite! I really love seeing all your beautiful art, and especially the photos from your trip to France....the hat factory, oh my! Did you get to take items, or buy them, from there? What a dreamy place.
I look forward to exploring your blog further.....:)

Ellen Zachos said...

I feel like I spent the last few days going through one of your boxes. My aunt Victoria died last Friday and we've been going through her house, pictures, boxes, letters, so much stuff. I know more about her now than I ever did when she was alive. That's how she wanted it.

Bonjour! said...

,,,great art!,,,will you share the art show with all of us through your lens?,,,oh how i adore sf,,,

Bonjour! said...

,,,oh and the notes "he" tucked away in the "GTITW",,,as best as i can read might they suggest travels to AZ?,,,inquiring minds are dying to know,,,perhaps it might always remain a mystery,,,AZ my home!