Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Adventure Calls You

RK and I are on a bit of a life path change.  It has the all the elements of the kind of life change one might fantasize about:  working from home, working for yourself, taking time for the pet in your life, having time to do the dishes, laundry AND that project you've been wanting to work on without pressure, working harder and longer on some-days so other some-days are spent doing the fun stuff.
The ideal (the want) is to stretch into the all the possible elements of this path.  Last night, I was mentally running through all these different things I want to spend my new-found time doing:   I actually pictured a  large writing pad hanging on my office wall and saw my hand, writing in big cursive, formulating a list of the things I'd like to do in this new life.  Instead of it feeling like a 'to do' (or die) list, I saw it as another potentially creative project in this daily strive for more creative living.

{The ever talented S. recently told us a theory he came up with that scared the sheet out of me:  What if, he pondered, the people that waste away their time and talent in this life, come back as totally talentless, un-creative people in the next life. A torture worse than limbo.  So we don't want to be wasting any more time...}

So, one of the things that presented itself to me (see: hand cross off large-writing pad list) was going early morning hiking.  The kind of hike where it starts with fog, burns off to sun, lunch by a creek, and next thing you know it's afternoon.   Even with the obvious at my backdoor, I hadn't yet thought to myself:  Hey, it's Thursday, I should go hiking in Muir Woods.  I live right near Muir Woods, it's spectacular nature communing and it could do nothing but improve my outlook.  This I have time for!  This should be done!
Luckily, it turns out I know someone that does think that way.  
So away we went.
We dropped into the woods in the A.M.,
ate our brown-bag lunch by the stream,
and came back out in the P.M. 

I can't say enough about the restorative nature of nature.

Just as I imagine the people in the Carolina Mountain Club felt.

I see great things in the future.   In this new life, I'm the type of person who adventure calls to and I answer.  I'm game.

(vintage photos via the great looking, very clever ambitious project via the incredibly inspiring mountain club)


Christina said...

i love this post. it was great to read with my morning coffee and put me in a positive mind state for the day. so thanks for that!

Christine--RHP said...


Ellen Zachos said...

Next thing you know you'll be foraging.

life in a pink fibro said...

It all sounds wonderful. Good luck with your adventures - I'll be following. I love a good 'start over'.