Wednesday, August 11, 2010

An Amazing Alphabet Flea Find

(above, my very favorite one!)

All these, and many more, from the most lucky find my sister had at a random vide grenier in Toulouse.  Notice there's rarely a 'W' listed in the alphabets, as there wasn't regularly such a letter in the French language until later.  All the "w" words in French are of foreign origin, as are the "k" words.  From 1903, this book (missing only a few plates) would teach graphic designers, and sign painters, of the day the difference between a Monumental font and a Tordues font.   Hand drawn only, of course.  We went through each and every page two, maybe three, times with Kaari saying to me, "this is a two-handed job, Molly, always using two hands to hold the pages!"  We really debated what should be done with them (keep them! keep them!), but in the end, most of them will be for sale at French General, on return from this big ole trip.

We're fairly impressed, to say the least.


Fern and Feather said...

oh my goodness... I love fonts... these are all so good.

Have you seen Helvetica the film?

SO good.


rachael said...

love! we're going to the new flea market in san francisco today [you have to pay to get in. what?!], and i'll be hoping for vintage type books half this awesome.