Thursday, August 26, 2010

Thoughts in a WorkSpace

Things I love:
wood glue
school paper
shoe polish
red thread
sewing needles
f*ked- up wood
bent metal
pencil lead
old tape

Things I hate:
red pens

Truly self-indulgent, but I tried to get the whole process down the other day.  Jotted down thoughts as they came, or as I noticed a particular ritual.  So many rituals go into studio work.  You have to get in the right space of mind, time, etc,  in order to even begin to imagine what the next piece will be.

Having the right drink or no drink at all.
I usually have something on hand:
in that order.
I rarely ever reach soda level.

Immediately change closed-toe shoes to flip flops. 
I stand for nearly the entire time I'm working, up to 6 hours at a time.
Plus, standing up gives better flow since I'm constantly grabbing from different shelves, drawers, tabletops or bookcases.  I've never had everything in one place, ready to create.
The music.  Very, very important.
I've forgotten my walkman a few times, a good 10 minute bike ride or 20 minute walk back, turned around, back up the steep hill to home, to music.
A must have.
Current music that's leading me through the work:
A Fine Frenzy
TV on the Radio
Regina Specter
Bon Iver
Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros
Octopus Project
New Pornographers
Jenny Wilson

I guess it's all about getting into "character":  it's weird.  I know it's kinda weird.  Very "Seth Speaks" kind of channeling.  And once the idea starts coming through, I have to listen to it very closely... or I lose the scent.  Then someone else might come through.  I can't pick up the phone, I can't run outside for air or have someone just stop by when I'm in this state of mind

In a way, this project had a form to it that made it easier:  Four people, four phases of life.

I found myself purposely re-using some of the same materials in different peoples 'phase' of life. There are most definitely certain threads in/of life that can "tie" us together.  So, I end up using the same string, or kind of paper,  or the same receipt in 2 or 3 different (pieces) lives and imagine the little french hardware store that all of these people encountered at some point in their lives.  It's that miniscule degree of separation from one another.  Crossed paths.  Seemingly alone but we're all tied together somehow.

At one point, RK expressed that I was just giving away all these amazing finds (the card collection, the film rolls) and two things came to mind:  One, that one of my favorite artists, Nick Bantock, once said you have to use the 'real' thing in all your projects and don't think twice about it.  Secondly, that I've discovered in creating these stories, things are so much better understood with the actual, real ephemera.  These things have been places, they have an energy that lives on.  In many of these cases, I then go on to enhance these objects and make them:
objects d'art
TALISMANS (from a greek word which means to initiate into the mysteries: gads i love that!)

I LOVE things that are just on the brink of it all going to hell:  A tiny book whose pages are so creased, when you turn it once more, a piece of the page breaks off in your hands. But, you can OWN that moment when it's all still just perfect.  You grow to learn, nothing is sacred.  Even this seemingly sacred item that's been around for ages.  I strive to create these defining talismans.
I notice that I'm constantly moving my objects around me (my own sacred talismans, for the time being) to create little stories of inspiration.
and soooo many more photos of the whole process at good ole ever-loving-loading flickr.

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