Saturday, August 21, 2010

4 Phases of Life, coming together

I've been trying to write down the whole experience of working this intensely in the studio.  It happens so infrequently and yet, when it does, it is SO memorable for me.  SO visceral.  Especially when I'm creating work that has a thru-line.  And with this current work, the thru-line is making it feel like one big piece instead of 16.  I'm definitely channeling these four people and each one of their life phases.

One of my characters had a huge card collection.  She was a big card player, all games, and she raised budgies.  But games were a defining time in her life.

This incredible photo book paper, called spider web paper.  Is actually embossed with not only the webs, but the spiders and flys to boot!

A list of family names hides behind the back of the game players box, among other notes she took during her days on the phone.
what day is the picnic?
3 lbs, 5, lbs, 7lbs
be sure to call betty

Copious notes, to be sure.  Even though you can't see them.

The 'wonderful hotels' notes, written by a man who traveled cross-country with Blythe:  Pinned in the back of the Greatest Thing in the World book.

A photo of two women (i think...) which will be tucked into a little envelope with playing cards that are typed on, all of which you can take out and read.  On the back of this photo, in pencil, is written "to keep".  That phrase shows up again later in some one else's life, written 'round the jar full of broken eggshells:  To Keep.

Getting close to having to let these 4 people go... the show gets hung this weekend for the opening on Friday.

more photos of details and such...

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Anonymous said...

I wish so much I could 'be there' Mol, thanks for sharing your whole process! Ugh, I want to dive into their stories!!! It's slaying me!
To that I say, fine work... Good Luck and Successful Show!!! OXOX, Hol