Saturday, January 12, 2008

Saturdays are for stoops

My entire adult life, I've longed for a stoop. Strolling through the New York streets, especially on a weekend, friends and I would stop and stare at a good stoop and think to ourselves (but, usually out loud) 'man, if i lived there, i would be sittin on that stoop, in the sun, with my coffee and crossword puzzle...' or if it was evening time... 'man, if i lived there, i would be sitting on that stoop, in the cool evening breeze, kicking it with my friends and a beer...'

As I was strolling through a very stoop-filled neighborhood in San Francisco the other day, it occurred to me I've still never lived in an apartment with a stoop. So, I still have those moments where I stop and stare and think .... 'man....if only....' Maybe someday.

Some of my favorite stoops from the stroll:
This first stoop, a good one because of the sides, you can either hide behind one of them, or sit between them and people watch

This next one, just a beautiful stoop aesthetically. But I also love the wide berth and the scroll iron-work on the sides

This stoop is an all day stoop. I know this because of the higher steps. More comfortable on the legs.

The hidden stoop. All bushes on one side and the house overhang on the other side. A good one for reading in the sun.

Old school stoop. Reminded me of New York.

You don't need a huge stoop, which this proves. But, with a couple of potted plants added in, it becomes the garden-enhanced stoop. I love this little one.

And this, well, I call it the poor-man's stoop. But it's still a stoop. Man, if I had this stoop, I would be sitting on it this morning with my coffee and the Times...


Ellen Zachos said...

You deserve a stoop, Molly. And when you get one I volunteer to plant the pots at the bottom of the stairs.

ashley said...

yes! stoops! that sounds nice... a hot summer day, a beer, and a stoop! perfect for people watching.

billy girl said...

Mol, YES! Stoops!! Oh, it makes me think of Brooklyn, and Mikey sketching me lit beneath the hot summer city sun on a Park Slope sttop . . . I feel you Mm. And how then, I wonder, did the word 'stupid' become associated with all thinks lacking rather than "Stoopid," all places divine and creative and home?
PS: I think I mixed up dates and hope to see you next Friday. oops

comfies said...

you are officially invited to come and sit with me on my stoop. cup of tea included.

Anonymous said...
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