Saturday, January 26, 2008

A Certain Destiny...coming up!

I'm really getting so excited for my show coming up on February 7th!! I've been having a blast in the studio (once the wave of nerves goes away and all intimidating thoughts are put out of my head, yes, it's been a blast). I'm listening to some crazy music on my headphones: everything from justin timberlake to travis and lots of fiona apple's extraordinary machine (have you seen the cover of that album? it's gorgeous)and some old etta james with just a dash of sinead o'connor. An eclectic, sorta bizarre, but curious mix to be sure. Much like A Certain Destiny, if you will. Hmmmmm...
Yeah, the show is really a curious one. It's all about relationships. The why, the how, the what of 'em. I'm digging on the pieces coming together and getting really excited about the final hanging of them all and the statement they make all together. For me, each piece is like peeking into some one's bottom drawer in their bedroom, or pulling something out from the back of their closet that they're not totally sure they want to see again, but they remember that moment, their certain destiny, oh so clearly.
So many good things are coming together for this show. There's a set of nine pieces I made that I really wanted to have fantastic old frames for, so my art-world-hero and good friend, matt, agreed to help me with the frames. We met up the other day at Building Resources, one of my all time favorite places in SF, and picked out a bunch of great old wood molding that matt is cutting down and making frames from. We finished a few today and they are spectacular! That got me really, really excited too! Plus, I'm loving this idea of all these people coming together with my parents there and my sister, too. It's gonna be a fun night!
Here's some pieces for the show,
This is a piece that has another set of frames Matt is making for me. We made a choice to keep any and all vintage hardware on the wood, or in the case of this one, where the hinges used to be
I'm making 7 or 8 of these different playing cards.

I'm digging on this rainy weather lately, it's good for staying indoors in the studio all weekend!


Christina said...

gosh darn-it i love your art! i've spent some time trying to look at it objectively, and i think even if i never knew you i would love it just as much. it's just a bonus i get to know the creator too! glad things are coming together so well for you around the show.

Ellen Zachos said...

I SO wish I could come to your show. I know the synergy of seeing these pieces with other people would be amazing. Hell, they're amazing all on their own!