Wednesday, January 16, 2008

8mm Ideas Cropping up!

This has been an exciting few weeks for 8mm ideas! The cards are going into such cute shops around the U.S. I had to share some of them with you..

Bluebird, right here in good ole San Francisco. I stopped by yesterday and, if you haven't been, it's worth the little jaunt over to Pierce and Haight. Stephanie, the owner, has excellent taste and Leah, who also works there, is just another great reason to go in and feel good. Really beautiful little shop that I'm excited to have my cards in!

One Good Bumblebee is an online shop that you could just spend hours "in". She's got so much to choose from and all of it adorable. Plus, the website is set up so well and she's got a fun blog to boot! Can't beat that...

Wordshop, for those of you in the Denver area. She just opened a little shop at 3180 Meade Street and is really excited to be doing what she loves. And, I am, of course, thrilled she's carring 8mm ideas. Plus, I need a reason to get to Denver. I love Colorado.

And, Pulp|Paper & Art, who recently opened in Omaha. She asked all of her artists to do a little bio about themselves and send a photo and she made little cards to go along with everything in the shop, so her customers know exactly who they're supporting. I thought that was really sweet. It's her shop that's shown here. She sent out the photos to all her vendors to let them know how it all looks. And it looks beautiful to me!

Of course, I'm happy to say, there's lots more stores that are carrying 8mm ideas and you can find that list here, for wherever you live.


Christina said...

yay! i love seeing 8mm ideas everywhere i look! congrats.

Anonymous said...

oh cool!
this is all very exciting!!
i love that the store owner does informative and really puts a face on the product. so smart.