Thursday, January 10, 2008


Life in California, circa 1958-59.

And Camp life in Montana, same time.

I have tons of others collections: photos, scrapbooks, datebooks, autograph books, bits of life from beginning to end, or sometimes just that moment in-between.

I might be a little obsessed. But, I prefer to think of it as being really, really interested.

These photos are from a couple of the collections I found, or was given, over the holidays. I had to pick just a few from a couple hundred...sometimes I wish I could share every great photo I have. I hear flickr calling....


billy girl said...

Oh Mol . . . what treasures you've found. And how splendid it is that from a simple photo, we can derive pasts and perhaps even think about the "where are they now" presents. I hope to see you tomorrow, where I should have a couple of snaps to add to your image library. Love it Mol!


ashley said...

yes... collections. i could become obsessed. such nice photos :)