Thursday, January 3, 2008

At The Top

I blame it on technology. But then, I thank the beejeezes out of these computers! I love the ole you tube dot com. Anything we want, it's at our fingertips. That's not always a good thing, I would argue. On the other hand, for a family that loves to reference if's like a shiny little diamond. We are an oral family: stories that get passed down, mixed up, added to, subtracted from and embellished with only the finest bits. But damn if we don't love a photo (or two or three, hell, you got a movie of the incident? pull it out!) to go along with the story at some point. So, while I love the memory of my family listening with rapt attention while one of us recounted the entire story of someone they've never met or seen.....well, now, I get a real thrill describing some short clip I saw or some character we keep talking about and being able to say, 'hey, you wanna see it?' and *boom*, it's rolling on a screen.
Good ole internets!

Drum roll, please....Introducing the top you tube videos watched by my family, over and over this holiday season.
1. Every one of these by John Roberts. (thanks to T for the intro)

2. Most imitated video by my sister and mom....and eventually my dad, my brother, and the rest of us, over and over and over. (thanks to do D for already knowing what makes me laugh)

3. Crazy, you call it what you want, and no we're not sure of anything, which is what makes this one of the best of the group for a family who likes to create a story behind a story. (big props to dibona for having the ability to know whats what)

now, if at first you don't get any of them or what the heck it is that held our attention at all, keep in mind, we watched these over and over and over and across multiple days, constantly refering back to one or the other, 'wait, let's watch that again.' 'How did she say it exactly?' 'Yes, yes, that's it!' someone else would scream out with laughter. Really, it got to a point, where you just had to say "lighthouses rule" or "i'm gonna kick your ask" and it could move my mom to tears of laughter. That usually made someone else start laughing and then next thing you know, I've got tears running down my face.

Anyway, it's a short list, but, as you'll hopefully discover on your own, it's an important list. tee-hee, hee hee, ha ha ha ha ha....oh, sorry. hee heee hee....

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