Sunday, March 13, 2011

stella marie: et alors il se fit un grand calme~

Happy Birthday Stella,

From your humble beginnings as part of the stockton 7, 
First Time Beaching

First Time City-ing

One year ago on March 13th, I brought you home and we fell in love with you.
You continue to change our world for the better.

My birthday wish for you would be that everyone could have a Stella in their life.
I think it would help.





I wanted to write the world's greatest paen to Stella on her birthday,
about how she makes me feel like swooning when she sleeps right up next to me, when she stretches out across my lap, when she comes running towards me with her hair flying & ears flattened, when she makes a little throaty grumble telling me she wants up on my lap, when she ever so slightly runs her tongue over the tip of your nose, when she sits in the sun and lets out her deepest, sweetest sigh.  I wanted to write about how, on any given day, you can find myself or RK whispering an explanation of something (the sound of the vacuum cleaner, why she has to get in the bath) in Stella's soft ear and she seems to nod with knowing.  I was wishing I had the words to describe her expressions, her lifted ears, her wagging tail, her eyebrows wiggling and the utter joy that these small things bring me.

Turns out, Joy and Wonder wrote it before I did, about her dog -- and thank goodness she did:  Dog love at it's finest.  It's a wonderful thing.



Marion Williams-Bennett said...

I think the world would be better if everyone had a Stella, too.

And if they didn't have Stella, maybe just a slice of the peace that Stella has on her face when she closes her eyes and feels the sun.

Happy Stella!

(and woof from Jetta who's head is resting on my foot as a write this!)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Stella, in your life with Mol & RK! You are 3 Lucky Dogs! OXOX

Christina said...

So glad you found each other. Such sweetness.

donno said...

stella's the best dog i've ever met.

Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday from Sammy!