Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Today is The Day

We always joked about it, wait til she's a teenager!
And now, the day is here:  Sofia is Thir-TEEN!
My little, baby niece. 
Can it really be true?!

She's most definitely the coolest cat I know.  And I'm not just saying that because she recently wrote an essay about how much she admires me as her Aunt.  Really.  I've felt this way about her since she was just a tiny baby and I cut her little finger while trying to cut just her fingernail and she didn't cry.  I've felt this way since we used to walk around our West Village neighborhood together and shop-owners would run outdoors to give Sofia gifts.  Perfect strangers would ask to take her photo.  Friends of mine, to this day, having met this dear child only once, still ask about her.

She's kind and thoughtful, a fabulous friend, she takes care of others first and is one of the most easy-going kids around.  I give her parents tons of credit for raising a really beautiful human being, but it's Sofia's inner-nature that we who know her are lucky enough to catch a glimpse of time after time.

 S. rocking out at her b'day last year.  Ruling that arcade game!

Thanks Sofia, for 13 great years. 
And,    Happy 13th Birthday!


Anonymous said...

Sofia sounds fab and she is lucky to have such a caring Aunt. i hope she has an amazing birthday :0)

Marion Williams-Bennett said...

This made me cry. I just love the way you see her, the way you are a part of her life. And I imagine how great it makes Sofia feel to have such an amazing woman in her life that sees her with so much love.

That will become more and more important, now that she is 13!

Great great post, Molly!

The Job Snob said...

That is such a sweet post! If she is this incredible at 13, I can only imagine what a lifetime will bring! You must be excited to find out.
Happy Birthday Sofia!
Great post!