Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Morning Mine

I think one of the big tasks of being self-employed, working for yourself, is focus.
And not the lack of kind neither.
It's to focus on one thing at a time because, now that all my time is my own, I have a list as long as my whole body, things that need to get done and everything feels like a priority.
Yes, even watering the plants and taking out the compost.
Because, here's the thing:  I MAKE UP MY DAY!  It's such an amazing feeling.  It's liberating and scary as hell.  But I get to decide if it's time to water the plants, because I'm home and this is what I wanted my life to be like:  I wanted there to be time for botany in my week.

Stella had a sleep-over weekend at our house with EmmyLou.  Her favorite dog.

And I wanted there to be time for Stella. And while RK and I are sharing the many daytime dog walks, I do appreciate when I actually get to take the time to do a full park run.  

So, Monday, my first real day of my new chapter of life, was so super fulfilling.  We both spent the whole day working.  But we ate three delicious meals together.  And we ended our work day at about six with a big-ole-balcony-summer-solstice celebration (read: fire escape, but for as long as I've lived in cities, I've referred to it as my 'balcony').

 Stella joined us, of course.

And I'm thinking, finally, that this is the way to live life to it's fullest.

*a little post script shout out to so many bloggers who's lives, via blog, I find so very inspiring! to those of you doing what you've always dreamed, living the life, whether you know it or not, thank you*


ABC said...

Sounds awesome! Love that Stella has a favorite dog friend.

Christina said...

i love your new life!

Marion Williams-Bennett said...

as you might say...woof!

A breathtaking start to this new life!

I am so excited for you and for all the possibilities that are ahead for you. So much beauty and wonder happening around you and that will bring good things to you.

Can I also add that the fact that Stella had a sleepover gave me such a smile! Look at those two!

So looking forward to seeing how the days evolve!

I am inspired!

Bonbon Oiseau said...

you are really making me feel inspired in an otherwise uninspiring kind of week...thank YOU. xoxoo

paige said...

There was a good talk on Forum on Friday about the new wave of people who are choosing to be self-employed and the struggles behind that decision.

It was so tough for me. So very tough, when I first got started, mostly because I was so lonely.

But lists are good, and RK and Stella are good. Taking time for yourself is good. You are going to be amazing at this. I have no doubt.

You are already an inspiration to so many. I can't wait to see what you do with more time for yourself.

Happy Adventure.