Saturday, June 5, 2010

Le French General Cinema

My sister, Kaari, recently came out with two new books, but now my brother-in-law (and one half of F.G.)  just posted some videos in the vein "the making of...", which makes me feel like I'm in  E!True Hollywood Story (nearly the whole family is involved in the making of these books, one way or another) minus the drama! 

Kaari and I have worked on a number of these projects together over the years and we always have such a great laugh while working together.  Treasured Notions was three days in a basement in the middle of summer, but it was a blast.

And then I did a lot of the styling on the entertaining book, which when we weren't making sure the cheese was facing the right way and everyone in our family was dressed appropriately, well, we were all laughing, again.

It's really what gets you through the big projects. 

Besides, no one in my family goes long without cracking a joke or calling a wine break!

If anyone cares to join us on one of these adventures, you still have a chance: In about four weeks, we're headed off to France with a group of women to live life like a Frenchman (or woman, actually). There's still a few spots left for the first week of the trip, details found here and here.

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