Sunday, March 1, 2009


i started collecting M's quite awhile ago and rarely pass up the opportunity to grab one if i see it.
then, rk came into the picture and i couldn't resist collecting R's.
the entire collection has sat in a little box for the last three years, but with our (supposed) new commitment to this apartment, i thought it was time to bring them all out and commit already! the first display, on a mantle above an old fireplace, in what will be "the office".

i also collect S's for my niece because i have an addiction.


Maggie May said...

hey cool! i have a big white E that sits on our fireplace.

Emily said...

Nice! I am a letter collector too! I collect E's and K's. I am always on the hunt!

Karafina said...

I lOVE it, molly! i totally love K's or F's////

youre collection is amazing!