Friday, February 27, 2009

file under: ooch, am i old?

One of my very hip little first graders was jumping around in puddle after puddle on the playground until I stopped him,

me: "L., honey, your feet are going to be soaked!"

L: "NUH-UH! These shoes are waterproof!"

me: "Um, yeah, no they're not. They're Vans. Vans aren't waterproof."

L: "Yeah, they are, Miss Molly. My mom told me so."

me: "Well, trust me, L. I've been wearing Vans since I was your age and I really don't think they're waterproof."

L: (he snorted) "I don't think you wore these as a kid, Miss Molly, Vans weren't even INVENTED yet!"

rad image from my new favorite flickr finding


Unknown said...

kids ...

Brinja said...

Hi hi! Great story:)
Miss Molly -sound so cute!