Thursday, March 12, 2009

i've got a golden ticket, i've got a golden ticket...

Well, not exactly a golden ticket...but i got a blue ribbon!

ArtSpan's awards jury (Diane Dunn, Marin Arts Council / Elizabeth Nicholaou, The Shooting Gallery / Jen Rogers, Varnish Fine Art Gallery) has bestowed your donated artwork with an award! Your name will be listed in the program and your artwork will be designated with a fancy ribbon!
Congrats! Please let you collectors and supporters know about this recognition and encourage them to attend the event! Tickets are still available at ART SPAN.
See you on Saturday!
The piece is called "Honestly" and it's a little typed up missive about moving forward and doing what's best for yourself, or whatever interpretation one would give it ("i keep moving along because i don't know what else to do." is how it begins)...and in the background are vintage hotel keys, all framed in old wood molding. I actually really like how the back of the piece came out.

Over the years, I've donated art work to A LOT of causes around NYC and SF and Art Span has consistently proven to be the most all-around rewarding. The night of the auction is well-attended, people really come to bid and buy and support A.S's causes, the food is great, the drinks are powerful and the excitement of artists and buyers alike keeps a great vibe going thru the whole evening.
And now, a fancy ribbon to neatly tie it up !


thetiniestspark said...

aww, whee!!! congratumulayshuns!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS, MOL....That's great!!!
Love, Mom

lotta said...

Congrats, I hope you had a fun time!

Karafina said...

congrats! thats so cool, love your piece, vintage hotel keys are cute!

Bonbon Oiseau said...

good for you molly! i love the piece and i love the what it's about...congratulations sister sledge!