Monday, June 27, 2011

Each Day a La France

Keeping our eyes out for interesting people with a lean towards the talents we don't possess, we came across a small atelier down a somewhat empty road off Albi's main square.  Again, with very limited french, we managed to have a sweet conversation with the couple inside.
Lovely people who invited us beyond the shop walls into their beautiful brick basement to show us the rest of their world, keeping our interest peaked.  They run this little brocante at street level, while the husband is painting in the background and the spiral staircase led us to their entire bookbinding business.

Never at a loss for wonderment.


Christina said...

These little worlds you guys are finding are amazing. Lucky you!

McGillicutty said...

Super.... these are not your average snapshots of a trip! I'm loving it.

Marion Williams-Bennett said...


Love theses adventures and the people you meet who "lean toward talents you don't posses"

I think there is some talent, some creativity, some energy that is common between you that enables these amazing conversations and discoveries. How else could such magic happen?