Sunday, June 12, 2011

Bonjour & Bon Voyage!

Getting ready for our trip to France, our chateau getaway, with last minute bits and pieces to organize and create.  We know one thing everyone likes to have in their pocket is a cheat-sheet to converse with the locals.  We can't all be linguists, but it's nice to give it a try.  These little flash-cards I created will be a handy helper when we're out at a farmer's market or trying to barter for a great old textile at the flea market.


Anonymous said...

oh yes, 'merde' is definitely a good one to know!

bon voyage~~

Marion Williams-Bennett said...

Always good to try!

Have a wonderful trip, can't wait to see what gets created from this journey!

Bon vogage!

Unknown said...

Fabulous! Thanks for the quick lesson...see you very soon!

Rose Brier Studio said...

I arrived at the beginning of the month and have gotten so good at Je ne parl pas Francais (sp?) and Parlez vous Anglais? I'm also gonna come home with killer charades skills, ya know. However, it's the coins that seem to do me in!