Sunday, June 26, 2011

Le Ferme

My sister never lets a long, unpaved road go without a bit of a drive-down.
Whats down there?
Je ne sais pas.
Well, let's go see.
Yes! What can it hurt?
And so we go.

The other day, it was an angora goat farm.  We had a flyer, we had an idea, and we had success!
Franc & Rudolfo, two brothers who've been handed the Angora goat farm from their father before them, and keep it running year round, were kind enough to welcome us in, take us through and even show us how to milk a goat.  It was like nothing I'd ever experienced.  I felt like I could move right in and feel totally at home.  It was as if I'd been missing something I'd never actually had.  My mom, sister and I are endlessly excited about other people's lives and this was no exception. 

It was just pure luck, we came at milking time.  Well after 'business' hours, we drove down their dirt road, knocked on the door and became like family.  Franc had us hold baby goats and squirt milk from udder to mouth.  It was an event we could never have imagined, but will never forget.


McGillicutty said...

reminded me of a friend who once said "if you see a road that looks like it goes half way to anywhere, take it".
wise advice!!!! nice goats.

Christina said...

Amazing. AND Adorable.

Unknown said...



Marion Williams-Bennett said...

Angora goats? What a glorious discovery!

I am reading out of order, but I think I answered the question I posed in the last make these amazing discoveries because you, your Mom and sister are so naturally curious and excited about people's lives! What a gift, to them, to you, to us!