Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Write More Letters

I'd love to send out a little 'giveaway' to someone.
A little love & thank you package of cards.
Mixed set, a dozen cards that help you say
'gads, i'm crazy about you'  or
'thank you for being so rad' or
'thank goodness you love me like you do, thank you'
The cards don't actually say that, but aid you in that direction.

Since I love a good story:  Leave a comment with a tale of your favorite valentine
or your worst,
and I'll pick two people at random and send a set your way. 
Think of this as making it an even better valentines than the worst one you've had.


Marion Williams-Bennett said...

I love love love cards (hint: pick me!) I send them as often as I can because I think no one sends cards anymore and it makes people happy to come home to this message they can hold in their hand, tear open, experience.

My valentine story: I was 24 and worked in this very competitive office. All the women were greedily talking about what their boyfriends were getting them for Valentine's day. I was single, so I decided to send flowers to myself. Just to cause a stir. And to make myself happy.

It was fun. On the card, I wrote:

I'll always love you.

Hope the show was great!

comfies said...

my mother is the only one who's ever really sent me valentines day cards, and they are ALWAYS top notch....xoxo

la pianista said...

Oooh cards ... they're so lovely. Here's a cool story, and it's mine. ♥ A few years ago at age 54, I reconnected with the boy (now man) who took me to my prom in 1974. When we were kids, being awkward and insecure and all those lovely things, we never acted upon feelings however large or small they were then. But since we have 'found' each other again, we have really found something special. Our plan is to grow old(er) together and not waste one more minute without each other. This coming Valentines Day will be our first 'real' one together and it's ridiculously fun!

BlackberryGirl said...

Being a hopeless romantic married to a hopeless romantic, Valentine's Day is always celebrated no matter what.

From the very first Valentine's Day Card my then-boyfriend/now husband gave me was a total surprise. A full-time student and full-time worker at a local store (his father had died not long before)his time was precious. We met for quick hugs and tried to call late at night and it's true, there are only so many hours in any day.

Because of conflicting schedules I didn't think we would see each other that Valentine's Day so when I went out to my car at almost midnight, imagine my surprise to find a beautiful hand-drawn card with love letter...complete with illustrations of us a little frog couple and dressed in tails and gown. He had drawn in a lovely diamond necklace on the girl frog and set the little frog couple in a bosky dale. Underneath the card was a small box of expensive chocolate and arranged on the seat were three pretty roses. Red, blush and white.

I still have that card and kept the roses for a long time until they crumbled. Even with the other Valentine's Day surprises, that one was the best. (My husband had drawn the Frog Couple in a wooded, lightly dusted with snow background complete with budding flowers thrusting up through the snow because, as anyone that has ever lived in Texas knows, Valentine's Day is often very hot. Not being Texas natives, it was hard on us! That picture put me in such a lovely mood after a long hard day.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a huge fan of Valentines Day - the hearts and the candy and the roses - bleh! But I like going to dinner every year at Taix - an old French family style restaurant in Silverlake, LA. Sofia has the escargots and a Shirley Temple and JZ and I both have the filet mignon and a couple of glasses of cabernet.
We're all nice to each other until we are arguing about something about nothing and then, before we know it, we are laughing on the way home. It's nothing very romantic, but it's our way of saying "It's not so bad being here with you -and I think I'll hang around a bit longer".
Happy Valentines Day to you sister!


Anonymous said...

I've always loved valentine's day for the wonderful love aspect of the day! Back in elementary school there was a boy, named Hoot (his given name was Norman), that lived a few doors down from me! He was a very dear friend and protector! Every valentine's day from first through fifth grade he would give me the largest valentine that barely fit in my valentine sack! Every class made valentine sacks or boxes to place our valentines in! They were a mastery of art and creativity! I knew by receiving Hoot's large valentine that I was the one for him!

I miss those giant valentine's, but I still keep in touch with Hoot!

The End!

Julie B.

nadine paduart said...

my, my... those valentine days.
i have no great story to tell. perhaps a little valentine each day?

i love the power of the words you are playing with though. people don't talk often enough.
awareness of that is a fine thing.
grtz, n♥