Friday, February 4, 2011

getting excited, getting to all about excited

and the show is hung, by the moose head, with care

love, made from my hair, not for sale
and the pine cones, making their appearance, make another appearance here

WE     are so it

Love & Snark
803 Valencia Street
(x 19th)

6 - 9pm,

would love to see you all there....


lotta said...

best of luck. It looks fantastic. I love the "we are so it" piece. thanks for sharing this with us who no longer can be there in person :(

Ellen Zachos said...

"love, made from my hair, not for sale"

that is a piece of f'in' poetry. No joke.

Marion Williams-Bennett said...

YOUR show looks so great, so creative, so you!

I wish I could be there for it. And I agree with Ellen - your hair, not for sale. The best.

Good luck with all of this! Can't wait to hear the stories.

Your show!

dig this chick said...

Love your work! Exciting.