Thursday, December 16, 2010

practice being human

purely by chance, i came across my latest mantra.
practice being human is the latest work of art from carolee wheeler.
i met carolee in the building where both our studios reside.
we've hung out on only one occasion and that one occasion turned into an event.  and that one event reached far and wide in later days.  needless to say, in the days and weeks and months following, though we have yet to meet again, the packages, notes, and random objects left in front of each others studio doors... well, she's become a bit of an artistic darling for me.

this latest piece stopped me in my tracks.  it's beyond personal.  it's so personal, it felt like i was reading my own brain.  as she writes, practice being human is a small book about the experience of realizing that you are sleepwalking through life and deciding to do something about it.   

a beautiful book, no two are alike.

sometimes you have to make really big changes in your life to recognize the disconnect, re-evaluate and then re-adjust.  sometimes {it seems as if} its the littlest change that makes the biggest impact.


Tiny Dancer said...

I'm sorry there are no books left. I am ready to do something about the sleepwalking. I can see why she is an artistic darling for you.

carolee said...

Molly, Molly!

So kind of you to post this! The books are only temporarily out--I'm making some more as we speak!