Thursday, December 9, 2010

The other day my 8 year old charge asked me what I'd do if someone gave me a trillion bajillion dollars.  I told him I would give half of it to charity, deposit the other half and travel, travel, travel.  He asked if I'd buy a new car?  nope.  A new house? nope.  More stuff?  prolly not. 
So, I turned it back on him, thinking for sure he'd answer: video games, toys, stuff, stuff, stuff!  But when I asked, he said, "I'd do the same thing you did."

Well, we're not giving away a trillion bajillion dollars this week, but there will be free wine and cheese and lots of people to meet and greet and ask the same question to.

Even if you don't have a trillion bajillion dollars, you can still join us and ring in the holiday cheer!  I'll be hanging out in Studio 227, 744 Alabama Street @ 19th,  with candy canes and friends.  Hope to see you there...


Rose Brier Studio said...

That's what I would do with a trillion bajillion dollars. Sorry I can't visit your reception. Have fun!

paige said...

I am so sad I missed your reception. I know I missed a billion treasures that I NEEDED to buy.

I felt so cool last year wrapping up my Molly Meng originals and sending them to loved ones.

Argh. The void.

I will just have to wait until next year.

And man. I need your money spending wisdom right now. I am having major, 'I need to live in a better house' pangs. And that just doesn't make sense.

I am trying to be happy right here and now. Thank you again for the reality check.