Sunday, December 6, 2009

If you live in San Francisco, please join me this coming Friday for our annual Holiday Show.  
An evening of libations, candy canes, and a whole lot of art for sale!
My studio is all a flutter with getting ready for the holidays:
today I'm putting up lights and making gift tags.  I'm putting the space together like a little shop... which I keep dreaming of opening...
I was excited when I found this image in the old scrapbook Joycie gave me,
it really made me think of old-timey parties.


comfies said...

what a coincidence, i keep dreaming of you opening that little shop too! i'll be there for sure. xo.

lotta said...

I'll be there in spirit. So wish I could make it in person.

Ellen Zachos said...

Wish I could come. Someday I'm going to have a store called Plantiques. I've already got the domain and the busines name (in NH). I'll sell anything I like related to plants, including your cards of people with flower heads!