Friday, December 11, 2009

Holiday Art Show, Tonight

It feels a bit like a carny announcing the circus whenever I put the word out, but it's been really fun and super motivating getting ready for this show (that may have just the tiniest of turn-outs...but I don't care!).  It's a good feeling to treat a one-night gig as a big one-night gig.  So, with that, let me place another shout out:

and give you a preview of a few more things that will be on show tonight,








christina said...

can. not. wait! ox

paige said...

So fun! Do it again soon!

Your little space had a magic that drew people in and kept them close. I loved seeing and hearing the reactions of new visitors as they admired your work and creativity.

And I loved seeing all your amazing work in person, and getting to take some home with me. I look forward giving these gifts to loved ones and creating another fan of your art.

And I loved your outfit and meeting some of your friends.

So, like I said... so fun and do it again soon.