Tuesday, December 8, 2009

French General at Chateau Dumas, 2010 here we come!

This past summer, my sister, Kaari,  my mom, Kick, and I took a trip to the South of France.  But not just any trip, and not just 'us'.

We introduced life at Chateau Dumas.  A huge Chateau in a tiny town.  15 women, from all over the U.S. who'd been dreaming of life as a frenchwoman, came along too!  Kaari got it into her head awhile back that maybe all these women that ask how she finds all the juicy stuff that fills her shop or what her annual trips to France are like might like to come along with us and do it all first hand themselves.  And, as with most things she dreams up, it quickly became a reality.

A reality we'll be repeating again for two weeks this coming summer.  Last summer, we travelled, we ate incredible french food, we drank gorgeous local french wine, we laughed, we met incredible local artisans keeping old world crafts alive, we dyed with woad, and we hit up the local flea markets.  It was like heaven on a stick.  This coming summer, we'll do all that and more...

There's nothing I love more than traveling and hanging out with my family and this was made all the better by the fact that we all love to host!  With 15 new friends, we sat on the terrace of the Chateau with a glass of wine, watching the sunset, talking about that days adventures and looking forward to the next. 
I just heard from my sister that there are a limited number of spots left for the trip we're making this summer -- If you've ever wanted to craft, create and live life like a frenchwoman in the South of France, come along! 

2010 French General Chateau Dumas trip details here.

Tons and tons and tons more photos here and more here.


Marion Williams-Bennett said...

bliss...I dream of a trip like this. Keep doing it and maybe one year!

Krishenkas Treasures said...

Fabulous what a great time we all had. I met you and your sister last year (I did the lavender wand tutorial) Hope to see you again soon.